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Design Characteristics and Benefits

Not all Busway systems are created equally…

When considering a busway system, there are many important aspects of the design that need to be evaluated in order to select the most effective and reliable product.

Busbar Construction



Starline Track Busway utilizes patented u-shaped copper busbars to deliver power along the entire length of the busway. This design creates constant spring tension that ensures a continuous, reliable connection to power. The continuous access slot in the bottom of the housing also maximizes the locations to tap off power. Starline Track Busway delivers you the power to very easily expand, reconfigure, or relocate operations.


Other busway products typically have fixed, side-mounted port locations to tap off power, which limit the number of connections you can have on a run. Several of these products also only permit units to be installed along the side of the busway. Lacking equal weight distribution, this can create excessive force and sometimes distortion on that side of the product.

Joint Design



When researching busway systems, the second area for consideration would be how sections of busbar are jointed together. The Starline Track Busway product provides maintenance free joints by using a patented, u-shaped copper busbar design. Once joint kits are installed into the busbars, the spring tension is applying continuous pressure, ensuring an extremely solid connection.


The manufacturers of other busway systems typically supply bolted connections for their joint assemblies. Variability in temperature and loading of the busway can cause expansion and contraction of the system over time, which in turn results in bolted connections loosening- occasionally causing failure and requiring periodic maintenance.

Plug-In Units


There are two main design items that should be focused on when evaluating plug-in units. The first of these design characteristics would be how power is drawn from the busbar to the plug-in unit. Starline Track Busway’s unique paddle head is the best design to transfer power from the busbars to the unit. As mentioned previously, the shape of the busbar delivers a constant, spring tension connection, and that is also leveraged with the solid copper stabs in the paddle head. When plug-in units are inserted into the busway, these stabs turn into the appropriate busbars to engage power. The stabs themselves have no bolted connections, with only one soldered wire delivering power to the line side of the breaker or fuse assembly.

The lesser complicated design, the higher the reliability of the plug-in device.


The Starline design incorporates the minimum components necessary to complete a plug-in unit. This efficient use of design and component layout delivers the most reliable design on the market. The paddle assembly is so simple that it requires no moving parts to connect the plug-in units to the busbar. In addition, with minimal components Starline Plug-In Units are compact and lightweight, and easy to insert in and out of the busway.



The plug-in units above show samples from other manufacturers, which have significantly more parts that make up their assemblies. Some of these units require operation of a mechanism to engage connection to the busbar, while others have complex sub-assemblies with buried connections inside their units. The paddle assemblies of these units are also more complicated. Overall, the combination of more parts that are increasingly complicated results in a bulky unit that is difficult to handle and can create unnecessary stress on the busway system. All of these items increase your risk of power interruptions and downtime.

Starline Track Busway has been installed in industrial, laboratory, retail and mission critical/data center applications for more than 27 years. As a manufacturing organization, busway is our primary focus and we know both the safety and reliability of our products is detrimental to our reputation and bottom line. With millions of feet of Starline Track Busway installed globally, you can feel confident the product you will receive is the best in class.