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Products: Track Busway

40, 50 & 60 Amp Busway

Busway Ampacity: 40, 50 or 60 amps
Perfect for: Overhead lighting, displays or cash registers in retail environments, small industrial applications
Special features: Busway housing incorporates the grid configuration, so there is no need for an extra hanging structure like there is with traditional track lighting systems.

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60 & 100 Amp Busway

Busway Ampacity: 60 or 100 amps
Perfect for: Overhead lighting, small industrial applications, retail or big-box store environments
Special features: Low footprint system with solid, mid-amperage power; open access slot to power offers flexibility and convenience.

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100 & 225 Amp Busway

Busway Ampacity: 100 or 225 amps
Perfect for: Large industrial applications, assembly lines, work stations, data center/mission critical.
Special features: Mid-amperage busway in a light weight package; requiring extremely minimal maintenance even in the harshest industrial environments.

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250, 400, 630, 800 & 1200 Amp Busway

Busway Ampacity: 250, 400, 800 or 1200 amps
Perfect for: Data center/mission critical applications
Special features: High amperage in a compact, light-weight housing style; open access slot along the busway combined with reliable plug-in unit design ensures power can be drawn safely from wherever it’s needed- maintaining continuous uptime.

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